Terms & Conditions

  1. I Do Not Work For Free.
  2. I am not obligated to tolerate any sexual harassment, misconduct, or mistreatment of any kind. I will kindly decline to work with anyone displaying this kind of behavior.
  3. A 50% Deposit is due up front before I begin any work. The remaining balance will be due 7 Calendar Days after the deposit is paid. If payment is not received after the 7th day, I will stop working on the project until the remaining balance has been paid.
  4. The Deposit is Non-Refundable.
  5. I usually work pretty fast, but please allow 7-10 Business Days for me to complete the project. I will communicate with you if I need a little more time.
  6. Every client receives 3 Free Revisions. Extra Revisions are $60 each.
  7. Word Limits: 50,000 for Fiction Editing; 2000 for Copywriting; 10 Pages for Business Documents & Essays
  8. Quotes are given PER PROJECT. Once I understand your project and consider the time that it will take to research, read, and write it, I will send you your quote.
  9. Sign Up to my Email List to receive discounts.
  10. I love a good review, so if you’re are satisfied with my service, please shoot me an email and I will add your review to my website!
  11. Please share my website with those who could use a dope Copywriter & Editor like me!