Khàli LaBré, author of Dreams of Akasha: The Visionary Chronicles is the self-appointed Queen of the I-4 Corridor which runs from the East to the West coasts of her native State of Florida. She is a Writer, Publisher, and an Editor. She is from both, Tampa and Orlando, Florida, and is an animal and food-loving free spirit who is passionate about incorporating her cultures into her work and demanding the preservation of the true African-American Vernacular English. Her debut novel, Dreams of Akasha: The Visionary Chronicles is available via her publishing house  Lemons & Gold Publishing LLC online through major e-book retailers and on Amazon in the paperback versions, as well as in the ePULP section of the Orange County Public Library System in her hometown of Orlando, Florida. Her upcoming novel, Scribe, set to be released in November 2022, will take place in the city as well, and is expected to be somewhat controversial. Besides being the CEO of Lemons & Gold Publishing LLC, Khàli is gifted in many areas besides writing. She’s a member of the Thespian Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, USF alumni, is musically-dramatic, and is a lifelong Bipolar Warrior. She will always be a proud Floridian, but she follows her heart wherever the rainbows are.